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The next important step to take in the planning process is preparing your home for sale, or Staging. Done correctly, this can make the difference in your home selling quickly for the best price, or perhaps not selling at all..

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l The term Staging was coined by Barb Schwartz, a nationally acclaimed speaker, and has become an almost generic term for preparing your home for sale. It is important in the selling process both before and after you put the house on the market.

l The condition of your property directly affects the market value of your home. In simple terms, if a comparable property is in better condition, it will have a higher market value and will generally sell more quickly.

l Contrary to what you might think, buyers look for reasons not to buy your property. It is human nature to fear making a bad buying decision, and thus if a buyer can see, hear or smell a reason to not buy your property, they will frequently eliminate your home as a possibility. Therefore, it is important to improve the condition of your property and eliminate as many of these potential objections as possible prior to bringing it on the market.

l Many, if not most, buyers will insist upon driving by your property before agreeing to see the inside. They want to screen the neighborhood and the location, and will frequently base their decision on the curb it looks from the street. If your lawn is brown, the landscaping poor, the paint on the house is peeling, or sometimes even if the landscaping is screening a good view of your home, these things can give a buyer a reason to scratch your house from their list.

l I will spend some time the first time I arrive at your home simply sitting across the street noting the appearance of your property, and conditions that could be improved. I will also note my first impressions when I enter your home. When we sit down to review the market analysis, we will discuss what you can do in advance of listing the property to improve the condition and appearance, and thus increase the market value. If we know the roof needs to be replaced, we will consider doing it before you list the property. However, not all improvements in the condition of your home are either possible or cost effective, and I will help you decide what should be done.

l If you decide to sell, I will also help you Stage the inside of the home. If the buyer enters your home and sees worn out carpet, a bad paint job, a lot of clutter, a dirty home, a bad odor from pets or smoking, etc., once again you are likely to loose that buyer. There are a number of ways to make your home much more appealing without spending a lot of money.

Having considered the market analysis and the condition of your property, the next important subject is planning the Marketing of your property.

...buyers look for
NOT to buy a property...

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There are a number of ways to make your home much more

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