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Every Realtor talks of professionalism and service, but sometimes it is more important what their clients say about them. I have included below some excerpts from letters from my clients that say more about me and how I work than anything I could say, and they do describe "The Service You Deserve".

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l "Now that our home purchase is a month behind us, I wanted to again say thank you, and give you a testimonial you can add to your growing list...

I can't imagine a more positive home purchasing experience. As first time home buyers, my wife and I entered the process with a lot of anxieties, but David's amicable, professional nature kept us at ease throughout. His attention to service can not be matched. Before we even arrived in Bend, David and I exchanged numerous emails so that our time spent looking at houses was efficient and productive. Once meeting us, he quickly gauged our preferences and eventually we found a home that perfectly matched our interests. However, even in this tepid housing market, we never felt pressure from David and he always helped us thoughtfully balance our short and long term goals. Once we had placed our offer, he helped guide us through the inevitable hiccups that come with purchasing a home. A testament to David is the company he keeps. Every person we met through David - from the appraiser, to the mortgage agent, to the contractor - was personable and
experts in their field. David was always available to us so that we never felt like we were in the dark on the status of our home purchase. I couldn't be more pleased with our home, and anyone who plans on moving to Bend need look no further than David Foster."
          E. Burnett

l "Although our relationship has been only on a professional level, I have none the less observed a degree of character, trust, and honesty in you which is hard to find.  In all my years with Bechtel moving around the US, you have been by far the best Realtor with whom I have worked.  Having been in a supervisory position with Bechtel for over thirteen years, I have had to evaluate hundreds of employees and I consider myself a good judge of character.  As of this date, I have given out only one "Letter of Recommendation".  Having come to know you, I am pleased to make this my second."

          J. Jabaley
          Bechtel Corp.

l "...We actually interviewed four realtors before making our decision to list with David and the Professional Realty. We were extremely impressed with all the checking and background information he had gathered before even meeting with us. Of course, the fact that he was willing to schedule an appointment on a holiday (4th of July) was also impressive.

David has a wonderful easy-going manner and a great sense of humor. The timing and wording of his ads proved "right on" and the pictures he took were exceptional. We really liked the fact that he was so accessible (office, cell and home phone), which put our minds to ease on many occasion. Our house sold within the month but without all of David's insight, cooperation and level headedness, we don't feel we could have ever brought about the actual closing. He knew the right people to contact to gather information, get the answers and get the job done. David put forth considerable time and effort, going above and beyond what one would expect of their realtor. We consider ourselves lucky to have worked with him and formed this type of trust and friendship and would not hesitate to contact him for a purchase/sale in the future.

We would recommend anyone who is looking for more than just a sales agent to contact David Foster and want to again express our thanks."

       D. & P. Robbins

l "...Selling my home in Bend while sitting here in Chicago was quite an uncomfortable prospect to consider.  There are stories to hear (and yep, people do tell) of Realtors who do little more than take the listing, never communicate and sit back and wait for a sale.  From the first phone call, I knew that you were different.  You managed to anticipate potential pitfalls I never imagined, juggles my tenant's, the buyer's, the lender's and my concerns, and within a month had sold my property.  "Win/Win" as you often put it.  Real estate isn't a layman's game.  It's too complex, and unfortunately we just don't live in that perfect world where everyone's motivations are necessarily honorable.  You've proven to me that beyond good business ethics, it's also understood that your work will have a direct influence on families, people's lives and futures.  You my friend have honestly earned your fee, as well as my respect, trust and gratitude.  Thanks for the experience..."

          J. Wedrick

l "...from the first time you showed us the property until the date of final closing, you displayed a high degree of competence and professionalism.  Because our current residence is in Norway you had the added complication of addressing our numerous concerns and communicating across a great distance with a seven hour time difference.  We just want to say thank you for the great service..."

          M. Scanlan
          Phillips Petroleum, Norway

l "...We did not know you when we gambled and listed our house with you.  But because of your exceptional work in researching the market value and pre-marketing it, we were delighted when there were fourteen showings, four written offers for full price and more, and two verbal offers for our house the very first day.  Then you convinced the appraiser that his appraisal was 20% low and closed the sale in two weeks.  As an interior design professor at Indiana University, I was especially impressed with the suggestions you had for preparing our home for sale.  We cannot imagine better service or results from any Realtor.  Thanks for the great work!"

          R. Mowat

l "...When you took over the marketing of our home from the other Realtor who had not called us or worked at selling our home for four months, we were pretty disgusted with Realtors. You were like a breath of fresh air in the way you worked at selling our home and finding us another home in town. We built this home 30 years ago, raised our family here and moving was the hardest, most emotional thing we have ever had to do. We know that we put you through a lot, especially when we panicked and changed our minds at the last minute.  We knew that we needed to move, but if it had not been for your incredible patience and understanding we never would have made it through all this.  Thank you again for caring so much.  We owe you a great deal and will miss you..."

          W. & M. Hall

l "We would like to recommend David Foster to you. You won't find a better buyer's agent anywhere. David isn't out to make a sale; he is out to help his clients find exactly what they want, not matter how long that takes. We were overwhelmed at the personal care and help that David gave us; it was beyond our expectations. David knows real estate, and he will take the time and effort to give you extensive, well-researched answers to your questions. When you buy a house with David, you will know you made a good decision. Not only that, but you'll enjoy the experience.

          R. & A. McArthur

l " went above and beyond what I've come to expect when dealing with real estate agents, and having owned three homes and business properties, I've worked with numerous agents in the past.  Your efforts were tireless, stretching not only into a number of days, but also from the first thing in the morning into the evening hours.  No request, no matter how picayune on my part, was overlooked or belittled.  You truly went out of your way to help me find the house I was looking for.  You were always appropriate and professional in your demeanor, friendly in your approach and extremely service oriented.  Words cannot express enough my high regard and respect for you..."

          M. Thompson

l " those who may be considering the sale or purchase of property.  We want them to know that you displayed such a thoroughness in research we felt comfortable in agreeing with your recommendations.  Our confidence in you paid off and our house sold within a very short time period while many others are still sitting on the market for sale in our area.  In all instances you displayed the utmost professionalism and follow-through that is difficult to find today.  We highly recommend you to anyone seeking real estate service with results!"

          M. & M. Parco

l "...Yes, we will be carrying your cards and will be watching for opportunities to pass them out with our enthusiastic endorsements as two fully satisfied clients. You certainly have earned our long term respect and confidence. Actually, it goes beyond that for me. You have exhibited a quality of caring about people and a depth of understanding that has been an inspiration. It's not too often that I meet a person who makes me think, "I'd like to be like him," but I thought that many times as we interacted with you.

I think you're going to have to put our experience with you in the box marked "perfection". I can't think of a single thing you could have done better. You had an especially tough assignment, because R. and I didn't know what we actually wanted when we started, and then once we got that nailed, he and I didn't come up with the same thing… You never displayed any frustration with us as we bumbled along… Than you for your immense patience through the long process…"

          A. McArthur

l " assisted C. and I in the purchase of a five acre property.  At the time we were both impressed by your professionalism, and your willingness to go out of your way for us.  Even though you did not stand to make a great deal of money off the sale, you treated us as if we were million dollar customers.  Then again, when we had to sell the property, your expedience with the sale made the process a little less painful.  Thank you for your hard work and most of all, your integrity."

          P. Birch

l "...Thank you for the professional and personal way in which you represented us when we were looking for a home and investments in Bend.  We could tell that you had screened the properties carefully before you showed them to us.  You were considerate of our interests and a had a great deal of patience with us.  When we did decide upon a certain home, you handled all the negotiations and paper work in a most professional manner.  Thank you for all the work and time..."

          M. & S. Norlander
          Senior Vice President
          Sutro & Co.  Inc.

l "...All day Peter and I took turns trying to adjust to the fact that this house and yard were actually ours.  We are still so excited.  We cannot thank you enough for your professional and personal advice throughout the process of buying our home.  Your presence will definitely be felt every time we visit our home this Summer..."

          P. & K. Martin

l "I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much M. and I appreciated your help in locating our new home. As you know M. and I were looking for a realtor in Bend with exceptional interpersonal skills. Someone with the ability to cut right to the heart of our home hunting needs and produce results. You answered our prayers…

...After working with you on the purchase of our new home, M. and I hope we never have to work with any other realtor again. You're the best.

Your dedication to service and your professional approach to real estate is refreshing. M. and I are happy that we had you to guide us through the trappings of Bend's fast paced real estate market for our home purchase…"

          L. Wheeler

l "We are beginning to settle into our house. We do thank you for the way you handled the purchase of this place. I have to tell you we had many moments of anxiety. Doing business long distance is cause for second thoughts. Thanks for your caring and knowledge everything went smoothly. We didn't think our house in Gardena was going to sell so quickly. We were caught between two negotiations. What a wild ride. Anyhow, thanks to your we are finally here. We look forward to our continued friendship…."

          H. & L. Hendershott

l "Many thanks for all the hard work, time and keeping me up to date on the Bend property. I don't think the sale would have gone as well without you…"

          S. Myhre

To Be Continued…

"The Service You Deserve"

...We actually interviewed four realtors before making our decision to list with David...

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Real estate is not a layman's game.
It's too

...your work will have a direct influence on families, people's lives and futures.

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...We were pretty disgusted with Realtors...

David isn't out to make a sale, he is out to help his clients find exactly what they want...

In all instances you displayed the utmost professionalism and follow through that is difficult to find today.

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"Its not too often that I meet a person who makes me think, "I'd like to be like him"...

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We are still so excited…

your presence will definitely be felt every time we visit our home...

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